Both are at the pinnacle of stardom and they both choose Eid as the release date of their upcoming dream projects. Well that is not very uncommon when two stars are ready for a weekend slot to premier their movies, but this time it is a bit unique.

Dev’s ‘Chaamp’ and Jeet’s ‘Boss 2’ are both their home productions. Now the real surprise – both of them have penned their respective movies. Dev has written the story of ‘Chaamp’ while Jeet has done the same with ‘Boss 2’. ‘Chaamp’ is about a champion boxer who’s struggle is way back into the rings while ‘Boss 2’ is a sequel to its earlier super hit version. Jeet will be seen in action, outside the ring of course, against powerful bad boys.

Both the movies will be releasing on 23rd June and it will be interesting to see the versatility of our superstars who are also showing off their skills in writing with these movies.