Aschorjo Packet
VOOT App reality Show Aschorjo Packet

Bored of the regular celebrity chat shows? Aschorjo Packet is coming to the rescue. The Viacom18’s Video on Demand platform VOOT is all set to launch its upcoming VOOT Exclusive will surprise you with a fresh look at your favourite celebrities who get candid and crazy like never before. Aschorjo Packet is a comic chat show that features two celebrities of the entertainment world in each episode and the anchor who covers her face with a packet in each episode. Five episodes of this series are already up on web app VOOT. Popular Bengali RJ Manali is the anchor for this series. She is seen chatting with the celebrities, divulging interesting facts about their lives and participate in multiple fun and game segments.

There are 10 celebrities pairs that have already featured on the show include 1. Raj Chakraborty & Abir Chatterjee, 2. Rudranil Ghosh & Payel Sarkar, 3. Sourav Das & Saayoni Ghosh 4. Paoli Dam & Mainak Bhowmick. 5. Komolika & RJ Praveen One interesting character in the series is a bandage bhoot who wears bandages and with bandage all over his body including the face. Bandage Bhoot also gifts the celebrities a hamper when they compete in a fun game and both celebrities actually win a gift irrespective of the winner. We hope will see more this type of shows in near future to know our celebrities a lot better. All the episodes are power packed pure laughter for the audience. As per the report, most of this is done on a terrace with minimum light and 3 cameras only without any compromise on content. So hope you will get complete entertainment from all of this episode.