BOOMERANG throws Light On The Complexities Of Human Nature!


There seems to be no repose for ‘Hoichoi’ and the round the clock by products from its stable is a testimony to the fact; the latest presentation from the leading digital content platform being ‘Boomerang’. Befittingly titled; the dark comedy paints the intricacies of human character and how the true essence of our nature gets unfurled when it withstands the test of time. It so happens at times that we devise a full proof plan just to vent out our revenge or angst on someone and it backfires and bangs on us heavily, without us getting the slightest hint.

Boomerang’ has tried to focus on such sensitive human nuances. The shooting of this complex psychological plot has already been wrapped up and guess what? The entire film was completed in only 5 days time!! Yes, with the united teamwork and co-operation from all the actors and the crew such impossibility was made possible. Canned primarily at Bagbazaar Basupati, the comedy thriller features Anindita Bose, Sujan Mukhopadhyay, Paran Bondopadhyay and Kanchan Mullick in the lead roles. Veteran actor Paran Bandopadhyay here portraits the character of a cop; to be more precise he is in disguise of a police in order to find out certain complexities regarding a murder that entirely changes the flow of the story.

Sujan Mukherjee on Boomerang
Sujan Mukherjee on Boomerang

Anindita is ‘Mitra’ here who is a journalist and is in a romantic relationship with ‘Akshar’ essayed by Sujan who happens to be a famous writer cum director facing a crisis despite being immensely successful. The filmmaker who is tired of making remakes of South Indian films is in a quest for a new individualistic subject which becomes reality when he comes across a diary of a salesman named ‘Rakhohari’ played by Kanchan Mallick. Rakhohari seems to be a man with a lot of shades and typically replicates our society which is swarmed with people wearing façades.

Sudipto Majumder who has also been a very successful cinematographer will be seen donning the director’s hat with this thriller. The web content which will be aired soon has all the lethal ingredients viz mystery, comedy, bloodshed, murder and spine-chilling thrill to make the audiences glued to their seats.

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