Watch the Thriller Short Film Mask


Purple Leaf Entertainment presents Gourab Dutta’s short film Mask. The cast includes Shaan and Reshmi. The movie starts with a famous song of Subhamita Chatterjee which is being played in a FM channel and young girl alone in an apartment enjoying the same.

The door bell rings and when the young girl opens the main door a handsome man greets on the opposite side. He introduces himself as a police officer who is searching for a criminal who ran out of a prison. He warns the girl to be cautious and then asks for a glass of water. The girl asks him to come inside and also offers him tea. The couple slowly starts to converse and become intimate.

Who is this man and what are his intentions? Also why the girl invites a stranger inside a vacant flat? To know the ending you have to watch this thriller exclusively on Tollytrip.