The Emotions Of An Old Age Home Can be Seen in KICHHUDIN by Timir Biswas!


Old age home is a real need in today’s life! Don’t take me wrong my friends. I totally agree with all of you that there is nothing as bad as sending the parents to old age homes at the time when they need us the most. But the problem is that a large section of our society is throwing away the parents on streets like some obsolete object. I agree that this should not happen but what if it happens? Where will these helpless people go? If there are no old age homes they all will be left on street to die out of hunger and diseases. Many people file a court case against their children when they are forcefully thrown out of their home. They need a shelter until the time the court gives its judgement. Many people do not win the case. In such a case old age homes are the only place they can reside peacefully. Thus till the time, this very bad practice of Disowning Parents is not eradicated from the society we definitely need old age homes.

There are a lot of emotions attached to an old age home and its members. The emotions are shown beautifully in the short film of Timir Biswas, Kichhudin. which releases recently on youtube. People are completely attached emotionally with this video content! It showed that even love finds its way among the inmates of the old age home. Timir Biswas made this short film as a tribute to his father Swapan Biswas, who is also playing the lead character here. The lyrics of the song were written by Soumik Das. The short film showed the beauty of the old age homes that they are filled with laughter and joy too. But still, my opinion is that parents should not be sent to the old age homes unless the need arises.