Ram Gopal Verma has created a social ripple with his first ever short film ‘Meri Beti SUNNY LEONE Banna Chaahti Hai’. This thoughtful director has tried to look at a grey social issue from a different prism. The protagonist of the movie is a young girl who announces to her parents that she wants to be a porn star like Sunny Leone. Understandably her parents were upsets and tried to justify the age old traditions which were met with logical answers from the girl.

The movie stresses on social values, sexuality and relationships. This movie has already evoked strong reactions from social media where as usual two opposite views on this movie has clashed.

RGV has overall made a good short film which will make us think about the changing social values. These social values are changing as we want it to be and may be the mass population wants to get rid of the hypocrisies prevalent in our society.