Parambrata Blossoms with a New Fragrance!


One of the biggest multitalented personality of Bengal was Satyajit Ray. He was a filmmaker, writer, music composer, artist, music composer, graphic designer, and critic etc. He wrote many superb stories which touched the heart of every reader. Science Fiction is the type of story which he loves to write. His Science Fiction stories mainly revolve through Professor Sanku but he had written other science fictions too.

“Kahaani’’ fame director Sujoy Ghosh took one of such brilliant short science fiction stories “Anukul’’ and decided to make a Hindi short film on that. This short film presents by Royal Stag Barrel select Large Short Films. The brilliance of Sujoy Ghosh and the story by Satyajit Ray made the film epic. The film revolves around Anukul a servent-robot who was hired to work by a Hindi teacher Nikunj Chaturvedi. The salesman warned Nikunj not to hit the robot. But Nikunj’s cousin brother Ratan came to the house and becomes angry to see Anukul as he was fired from his job for a robot. He hit Anukul and made him unconscious. A few days later Nikunj lost his job and became disappointed that he will lose Anukul.  Ratan comes back again to Nikunj’s house to tell about his sudden wealth. He again tries to hit Anukul! What happens after that? You need to watch the film.

All the actors in the film were brilliant and did complete justice to their roles especially Parambrata Chattopadhyay. Saurabh Shukla as Nikunj Chaturvedi was superb with his emotions. Kharaj Mukherjee a veteran Bengali actor brings life to the role of Ratan the drunkard cousin brother of Nikunj. Parambrata as Anukul was epic. His delivery of dialogue and his style of playing a robot is awesome. No one can say that he is playing this type of character for the first time only. Kanchan Mullick, Barun Chanda, Ekavali Khanna were all brilliant in their respective roles. But one thing can be said that Parambrata has come a long way entertaining the audience. His each and every role has a different fragrance and with the ease, he portrays them on silver screen makes him the master actor which he is now.