Jaba makes you think beyond the conventional realm!


Envisioned by Rik Chatterjee, Jaba chronicles the tale of a renowned writer Soumya and a tribal village girl. The author meets the tribal beauty- Jaba in Purulia and gets instantly smitten by her. He fell for her hook, line and sinker but receives a sheer blow when he goes to profess his love for her. The enigmatic Jaba was already betrothed to someone else and the heartbroken essayist returns with a broken heart.

Jaba – Bengali Short Film Poster

Years pass by but the memory of Jaba is still rife in the heart of Soumya, who now heavily relies upon alcohol for giving wings to his creative thoughts. Red light areas become his daily refuge and there only he meets Jaba for the second time. Ripped with a lot of questions, he realizes that life has come to a standstill for him. Starring Bhagyashree Das, Indranil Chowdhury, Animesh Bapuli, Arindam Banerjee and Ipsita Bhattacharjee in the leads the short film in a nutshell narrates that how a disturbing past can again return to torment your present happiness and bliss.

The shooting of this realistic film has been done in and around Asansol and Ayodya Hills. Produced by Cinerio Films, Sourav Sonali Chowdhury has been at the helm of music and background score for this short film. Will Soumya’s quests get answered? To satiate your curiosity you have to wait a while for the movie to get released.

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