Experience the suspense with The Bazaar

The Bazaar - The Film is full of suspense. The story starts with A restaurant, a smart lady, a rich man & what next ??


Deep Ghosh has come out with an extraordinary short film titled The Bazaar. The Market has changed with time. Selling of sex has become part of this global market.

The movie starts with a girl sitting in a restaurant. A upper middle class man comes in the restaurant and seats in a table at a distance from the girl. He writes something on a tissue paper and sends it across to the girl through a waiter. The girl looks at the paper and tears it up. The guy again writes something and sends it across. The girl looks at the paper and again tears it up. This goes on for sometime until the girl keeps one of the papers and write something back to the guy. On the paper it was written fifty lakh rupees and reply from the girl was when ? and where?

The movie is of six and half minutes duration and the cast includes Tanishka and Rohit Shaw and others.