Bhalobashar Shohor : A unique endeavor by Indranil Roychowdhury!


‘Bhalobashar Shohor’ is a short film which imbibes a message which is very much relevant to the current world scenario. Lives of millions of people change due to hatred and war mongering attitude of few. In this crowded world of us, seldom do we feel the pain of people going through this hell? but when it hits someone close then we take our time to think over how cruel we are.

‘Bhalobashar Shohor’ is a story of a young Bengali girl who falls in love with a boy who goes to Damascus on a construction project. The girl elopes with the boy to a foreign country and due to war her dreams get shattered. She comes back to Kolkata leaving her injured husband back in Damascus as he was not fit to fly back home. She took her daughter who is in a state of coma after sustaining life threatening injuries. ‘Bhalobashar Shohor’ is a story of the girl who finds her dreams getting shattered and staring at an uncertain future which is scripted by acts of people unknown to her. To know what happens next you must watch this short film.

The short movie stars Jaya Ahsan, Ritwick Chakraborty, Sohini Sarkar and Arun Mukherjee. Ebela newspaper presents ‘Bhalobashar Shohor’ ( City of Love) which is definitely a must watch short film. At the start of the movie, film director Indranil Roychowdhury has appealed for support for his endeavor which is also very unique and truthful. We should all come together and encourage directors like him who wants to showcase the realism through their creativity. Show the world that love is not lost, after all.

Watch the movie here: