Yeh Dil Hai Bekarar

Love is a strong emotion which never fades away. This very essence is evident in Benny Dayal’s latest Bengali single titled ‘Yeh Dil Hai Bekarar’. The video song has been released online and shows the passion of childhood crush transforming into love between two youngsters.

The song shows a girl been taken away from her home to a distant place from where she returns back after some years and now the girl has grown up into a beautiful lady. The boy who had a crush on her since childhood falls in love at the first glance when she descends from her car. The usual eye contacts start to turn into meaningful gestures, the memories of childhood celebrations comes back, taking photographs of the girl from balcony and that agonizing pain of not able to express the ultimate feeling is all so wonderfully shown in this video.  Onscreen protagonists, Darshana and Neel have complimented each other beautifully in this song. Soumojit Adak & his team tried to execute excellently every minor things of the video song under the banner of Queentales Entertainment.

Mohul Chakraborty has composed this number wonderfully which has been equally well sung by Benny Dayal. Benny has literary mesmerized us with his vocals and taken us into a sweet world of romance and innocence. Kankanika Chakraborty & Nilanjan Mukherjee is to be congratulated for presenting this wonderful video song and we are looking forward to many more productions from them in the future. Watch this video on Tollytrip and share your feelings on our Facebook page.