Tui To Amar Sob will rekindle the dormant romanticism in you, for sure!!


Monsoon is a season of love, romanticism and having the man / woman of your hearts by your side. The pitter patter of rains is bound to ignite the somnolent feelings in your heart and the misty winds, the over castted sky and the rain dripped flora and fauna, undeniably acts as a stimulant.

Vocalist Minar Rahman has tried to capture this spirit only in his newly launched music video: “Tui To Amar Sob”. The refined singer celebrates rain and its ethereal charm in this track which has been penned by Ahmed Risvy. As the lyrics goes “Tor kache jete chae hridoy, manena baron/Brishtir’s shohore meghla amar ei mon – it skillfully churns out the passion, warmth, nostalgia and yearning of a lover which every love ridden soul can relate to.

Presented by Soundtek and the music composer being Musfiq Litu-the soulful rendition of the singer will surely strike a chord with the listeners. So come, stir your nostalgia’s and reminisce your lovelorn days with the poignant creation of MinarTui to Amar Sob.