Soham’s new muse – Menoka – all set to kill us with delight!


No controversies intended but while Bollywood has been experimenting with new styles, themes, conceits and songs, Tollywood is not to be considered to be walking behind at all! Romance, thriller, comedy, tragedy, – you name a genre, and Tollywood is ready to serve you with the best of each specimen! Haven’t you noticed the change of trend in the latest songs from Tollywood?? These days, the young generations showcase their absolutely cool talent of creating remakes of legendary songs not just from B-town archives but from Tollywood as well, and we are totally crushing on this latest trend! But guess what? This advantage has once again been put to use by the duo-directors Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy.

Under the banner of Greentouch Entertainment and Nideas Creations & Productions, there has a recent release of the song “Menoka mathaay dilo ghomta” from the upcoming comedy film “Dakh Kamon Lage” starring Soham and Subhashree. Ok, so what else do we know about this upcoming film? Here it is: Presented by Bengal’s heartthrob Prosenjit Chatterjee and Shyam Sundar Dey, the other X-factor of this film is music director Jeet Gannguly who is the music composer of this film!

Extra kudos to the upcoming film for having Padmanabha Dasgupta as the scriptwriter and Sujoy Datta Roy as the film editor! Director of photography you ask? That’s Premendu Bikash Chaki. Other actors in the film: Here’s a few from the list: Sujon Chakraborty, Subhadra Chakraborty, Kanchan Mullick, Mir Afsar Ali, Ambarish Bhattacharya, and the list continues…
Haven’t laughed out loud in public for a while? Wait till this film releases and then you would be rolling on the floor with laughter! But until then, gift yourselves a mini trailer of laughter by watching this song video that comes with a promise of expanding your lips and exposing your teeth much to your delight!!