Shundori Komola from Villain is Going to be One of the Biggest Hit Songs this Puja !!!


Folk as a genre is very conventional and contributes tremendously to the local, cultural music scene. I’m a little saddened that we only know of our rich heritage of folk songs through movies nowadays. But maybe it’s just another aspect of the evolution of culture, and yes, it is heartening that lyricists in Bengali film industry are finding the folk songs entertaining and making them even more popular by adding them in movies. The genre and all it entails is largely related to the concept of national identity. So, we must be proud whenever we hear such song. One of the best among them Shundori Komola from the movie Villain has released recently. This song will truly revolutionize folk music in Bengali Film Industry, thanks to Subhadeep Mitra for the composition and to Sanjeev Tiwari for its legendary lyrics. Antara Mitra and Armaan Malik has never gone wrong and they did perfect justice to the song.

The Abir Khela, Chou Naach, and Dhunuchi Naach made this song even more memorable and certainly this one is going to shatter a few records this Puja. Most of the songs in the movie Villain are popular but in the Puja season this one will beat them all. The film in itself is quite suspenseful. Riya meets Sneha’s fiance Joy, and is stunned by the uncanny resemblance between him and her own boyfriend Raja. So, she sets out to find the truth about Raja and Joy. To know more, you have to watch the Baba Yadav directorial. The film is produced by SVF Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and is going to hit the screens on the 12th of October.