Maarer Shagor : Sahana Bajpaie’s This Song Can Easily Moult Your Heart,,!


Tagore’s songs are immortal and evergreen. And with the passage of time, whenever a newer version of his songs come out, we are once again left spellbound. This time, it’s Sahana Bajpaie who did the wonder ! Presented by SVF Music, the song ‘Maarer Shagor‘ by Sahana is nothing short of a miracle. However, before we start with the video, it is an absolute necessity to know the song and its lyrics.

A translation of the song ‘Maarer Shagor‘ by Anjan Ganguly reads as follows:

“I shall set sail on the ultimate ocean despite high winds In my fear-cracking boat.
Powered by the words of valor spirited like an inflated torn sail
I am sure to reach your [God’s] end shaded with the great Banyan tree.
He would lead me who desires me the most –
My only obligation to leave the boat boldly.
When my days end, I know, I have to offer reaching your end
Red lotuses of my bad days to the comforting feet yours.”
As clear from the lyrics, the song belongs to the ‘Puja’ genré (parjay),199. It can further be subcategorised into the ‘Dukkha’ sub-category (upaparjay). The original song is in ‘kaharba taal’ and has the tune of a Baul Sangeet.
In this latest version by Bajpaie, the song retains its essence of Baul Sangeet, or let us say, the essence is further enhanced. There is a hint of westernisation of the song as one can hear the soft strings of guitar at play throughout the song. Sahana’s effortlessly beautiful and meticulously carefree voice elevates the song to an all new level of charm. Her accent and her way of uttering the lyrics allows the listener to travel into the distant rural localities where he or she can picturise the baul singing in a carefree manner, the voice echoing against the backdrop of evergreen greenery.
Coming to the video, it is necessary to point out that the video remains consistent throughout the song – the choir of musicians playing their individual instruments standing around and behind Sahana who herself is singing the song. The monotony is broken at times when each musician and their instrument shown on the screen with individual focus. Apart from the mandolin and the cymbal (played by Sahana herself in the video), another significant instrument shown being played in the video is the guitar. This particularly adds a flavour of western music to the song which is also soothing and refreshing to the ears and the mind.
Overally, SVF Music has done a good job in renewing this devotional song out of Tagore’s golden collection and this is no less than a milestone of success achieved as reintroducing and remaking Tagore’s songs (with all due respect), in this age of modern music and songs, is not at all an easy job. It also reminds us that success is for those who are willing to take the risk. Amidst the chaotic dins of everyday life, the song is refreshing welcome into an enchanting world of peace and calm. Last but not the least, for someone who has a certain amount of knowledge regarding Rabindrasangeets, it is impossible to deny the striking resemblance in the tune of the song ‘Marer Shagor’ with that of another song by Tagore, ‘Aaj Dhaner Khete Roudro Chhayay’!