Emotions Keep on Flowing in Palash Sen’s Next ; ALVIDA


Indian pop band Euphoria‘s founder Palash Sen‘s new song Alvida has been released. Euphoria is considered to be one of India’s largest music bands. Palash has given us some great hits like Maayeri, Aana Meri Gali, and Dhoom Pichak Dhoom. has made a come back after a long time through his new songs ‘Alvida‘. This video shows a husband-wife’s story. One day when the husband is back at home, he sees his wife with someone else. Dejected by that, he goes to his recording room and molds his pain in a song and after writing the whole story, he just says a word, Alvida. This song has a very emotional question that “where does one go..when love dies?”. As per Palash “this is the song of a new beginnings when every thing goes wrong”.

Palash Sen is great in the song along with DJ Bhaduri, who is the co-composer of the song. This beautiful song has been written by Palash Sen, DJ Bhaduri, Prashant Trivedi and Alok Parande. Some other persons to give credit are Vishal Mehta on drums, Amborish Saikia in Guitar, and Vishal Dixit on keyboard. With a sound that fused elements of rock and Indian folk, the Euphoria sound came with a freshness that didn’t die out even today.

Watch The Song Here