Mahuya Presents a wonderful song to celebrate the monsoon!


Mahuya Banerjee added another feather in the cap with the release of her solo albums. Under the banner of Srinivas Music, two new albums were released on 23rd July.

The first song is sung by Supratim Ghosh and the second by Mahuya Banerjee. ‘Akash Vangar Gaan’ is an excellent video album featuring Mahuya Banerjee. The song celebrates the monsoon by depicting its flavor through a melodious tune. The album release program was attended by Shri Shovan Sundar Basu, Shri Shamik Pal, Shri Nilamoy Patra, Subhadip Mukherjee and Piyali Ganguli. Listen the song and let us know your feelings.

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