Latest Bengali Songs Bringing People’s Interest Back in Bengali Music !

Bengali Hit Songs
Bengali Hit Songs

It’s a matter of fact that music does not have any concrete explanation or any exact definition. It has just different meanings for different persons which is unique in everyone’s life. For many of us, music is a hobby, passion or a pastime which arouses our interests and is an ultimate bliss. Mostly this is seen in the youth of Bengal. But the Bengali music was losing its taste so the youth of Bengal was more attracted towards Bollywood numbers or English songs. But now the time has changed and Bengali films are bringing some ever refreshing tracks with soothing music and melody to please our ears. The attraction towards Bengali songs is back again in the youth.

Some of the recent songs which brought back the interest include the super romantic song Tor Hata Chola from Naqaab sung by the king of romantic songs Armaan Malik and Prashmita Paul. Another song which comes to the party is O Hey Shyam from Poramon 2 sung by Imran & Kona, a quality song featuring the beauty of Gram Bangla. Sujon Majhi Re from Hoichoi Unlimited another lovable song known for its peppy beats and sung by singing legend Abhijeet Bhattacharya. Last but not the least the melodious title song from the movie Girlfriend by Rupam Islam proved that Bengali music is now easily comparable with Bollywood numbers. We hope that this quality music creation by the Bengali composers will go on and we will hear these types of songs more often.

Tor Hata Chola

O Hey Shyam

Sujon Majhi Re