Antor Shotta Music Review
Antor Shotta Music Review

Antor Shotta‘ is an upcoming Bengali film, scheduled to be released on 23rd March 2018 by SARKAReMOTION. This film was directed by Bihaan Sen and Rik Chatterjee. Rajdeep Sarkar & Gitashree Roy are the lead cast of this film. It is a story about selfless and unrequited love that comes with the promise of leaving the audience moved. What further touches the hearts of the audience is the music of this films songs. Chirantan Banerjee has done a wonderful job through his music sense in this film and the song videos of the film stand testimony to that. Artage Music is the audio label of these romantic tracks. You can enjoy all the three songs of the film here also.

‘Khelaghar Badhte Legechi’ is the first song that we are talking about. It is already a well-known Rabindrasangeet and Chirantan Banerjee has indeed given it a freshness of appeal. The song speaks of the joys of new love and its charm, and so does the video. Sung by eminent singer Jayati Chakraborty, the song is altogether elevated to an all new level leaving the listeners asking for more!

The second song that we are talking about from the same film, is ‘Keno Jamini Na Jete‘ which is another Rabindrasangeet as well and has notes of happiness as well as a concealed note of melancholy added to it. Sung by the great singer Rupankar Bagchi, the song along with the video shows the fulfilment of one person’s love which leads to the unfulfilment of another’s love. A high note of melancholy touches our heart as we find that the hero’s unrequited love almost consumes him while his beloved finds solace in the arms of another man.  The song leaves us with a sense of happiness as well as mourning that most of us can relate to!

The third and the final song is ‘Chiro Sokha Hey‘, — a song that has its music by Chirantan Banerjee and is sung by him too! Rabindrasangeet of-course, this song is a completely sad song that is bound to make even the toughest of the persons melt and feel the pain. The video starts with the sight of sea waves roaring, perhaps singing of the pervading note of sadness. We then find the hero burning a letter headed “Antor Shotta” with much reluctance. There is a particular scene in this video that peeks our curiosity: the hero running beside his beloved who is in a hospital stretcher and struggling to breath. But what happens then?

Will this unrequited love story ever find fulfilment? Will the movie be as appealing as its songs? This film is going to release March 2018. Till then, keep in touch with us for more updates.