Kalikaprasad’s “JOBANBONDI”: No Less Than a Rebelling Storm!


The recently deceased legendary Kalikaprasad Bhattacharjee‘s life and works remain true to the vision of a world without boundaries, a united Bengal. At a time when his own motherland is being on the verge of division every single day, it is an must that we go back to the very basics and find our allegiances there.

Dohar is the band of which Kalikaprasad Bhattacharjee used to be the lead singer. Literally meaning “Testimony”, “Jobanbondi” is Dohar‘s way of celebrating the honorable Language Martyr’s Day on the eve of 19th May.

The poem is written by Bhattacharjee himself and the song is penned and sung by Baul Shah Abdul Karim. Together, the entire thing presents an excellent contribution that promotes our priorities towards the right to free self-determination and equality. A combination of igniting and patriotic words with a staunch and determined voice seeking the upliftment of our mother-tongue Bengali, the entire audio is sure to give one goosebumps. Sitting in the 21st century where most individual citizens are least bothered about their mother-tongue and pay no respect to it, this presentation by Dohar is undeniably and unimaginably powerful. The voice, the background music, the recitation, all sum up to create a sure shot patriotic impact on the listeners, even on those who haven’t ever thought about such issues before.

We are almost on the verge of losing our communal and regional mother-tongue, thanks to the advent of globalisation. But, it is people like Kalikaprasad Bhattacharjee who, in spite of their own absence, have kept the essence of their homeland alive. Hats off to him and his band Dohar, without whose contribution this Language Martyr’s Day wouldn’t have been complete! Just the sheer lyrics are bound to send a shiver down one’s spine  and make him or her think twice about his or her homeland. Whether, you have heard Dohar before or not, this track is a must for all. Amidst a pool of all the typical songs that we hear these days, “Jobanbondi” is way too unique and way too ahead of its time and people!
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