Janla : A Song, You Will Watch With a Wet Eye & a Smile :)


Thundering rock anthems, an electrifying ambiance, furious head banging, and sing-along moments, you can get all this in songs of Fossils, one of the best Bangla bands of all time. But this time it is different with their new song Janla. This song is dedicated to cancer patients across the world. Rupam Islam showed in the song that what they need is love and affection along with the medication. The song Janla is something that no one would expect from Fossils. This is the first time ukulele and harmonica were played in any Fossils song.

Since the release, the song has got praise from all around the globe. The band who are famous for their albums like ‘Bishakto Manush’ and ‘Sashti’ has really changed the view of the audience towards them by performing this emotional song which brings automatically tears to eyes. The song is written & composed by Rupam Islam himself and has amazing performances from all band members of Fossils. The recording & mixing done Miti Adhikari and the actors in the video were Priyam Roy, Laboni Bhattacharjee, Samik Roy Choudhury, and Saumen Bhattacharya. It was directed & edited Samik Roy Choudhury. The song is getting viral on social media. One thing we all know now that Fossils will keep on doing songs on the introspective analysis of human existence, the aims and meaning of life, and the obviousness of the ultimate truth that is death!