The Love Between Dui Bangla is Quite Evident in BANGLADESHER MEYE,,!


Whether you live at epar Bangla or opar Bangla,,! whether there are boundaries to divide the countries but as the language, the soul of the people is also same. So, if the people of dui-Bangla meets, love is bound to flourish beyond boundaries. The same is seen in the new single of most melodious Anupam Roy‘s, Bangladesher Meye. This song has so much! …so much of that inextricable tenderness of love that can deepen the pathos inside any sensitive heart! This song has this pulsating, passionate sense of pure love. It is amazing as to how inspiringly a man could love (and sing for) a woman. It is a song that plays, as if in the arena of a god-like soul.

This is an excellent composition by Anupam Roy: one can sense purity in that catchy trademark tune! The musical arrangement is perfect, with delightful synchronization between the instrumentals and the vocal elements; novel poetic lyrics by Roy and an unbelievable rendition by him again will pour flawless joy to your ears. Anupam’s voice modulation plays that substantial role in bringing out the tenderness that stirs the chords. As the actors, again Anupam Roy was there with beautiful Masuma Rahman Nabila. The eTunes Entertainment single is directed by Shahrear Polock. We hope that we can see a lot of these amazing collaborations in near future.