Bangla Bhasha Diyo: Tribute to our motherland and culture by Prashmita!


Keeping up with the tradition of encouraging Bengali songs and culture, Bengal’s leading company Asha Audio released a video album of Prashmita Paul’s lastest song ‘Bangla Bhasha Diyo’. The song is based on the poetry by Rudrasankar and Parag Baran has done the Music & arrangement.

The essence of the song is the love for our language and homeland which has been excellently sung by Prashmita. This video song has captured the pure Bengaliana like Puppet play, Dance, Baul, Oarsman, Farming, Hand loom, The potter, Rajbari, Language martyr, Idol made and many more of both the Bengals. It’s very sure that after watching this song, The Bengaliana will grow more and more within you.

Sound recording & Mixing is done by Kaustubh Sen Barat Musicians are Raja Chowdhury, Partha Paul, Sandipan Ganguly (Bublu), Parag Baran, Anup Chakraborty. Cinematography & Editing of the video is done by Partha Pratim Datta, Subham Chatterjee and Swagato Chatterjee. Enjoy this beautiful song and share your comments on our Facebook page.