Adure Haowa : By Shovan Ganguly Opening New Dimensions Of Love,,!


What could be more heart touching than music? It doesn’t matter which music genre you like but when it comes to Romantic Songs your heart just melt away and these songs touch a soft side of your heart. They can make you miss someone you love and you would come to know how much you love your partner when you can the relate the lyrics with yourself and your loved ones. All these feelings come together in Shovan Ganguly‘s new sone Adure Haowa. This Asha Audio song will touch your heart and you will feel the romanticism within yourself when you will be sitting alone.

The lyrics of this fantastic song is written by Rajib Chakraborty and the music was given by the singer Shovan Ganguly himself. The cinematography was done by Pritam, Mithun & Pratap and the editing was done by Swapan Jana. In the screenplay and direction of Pratap Ghosh, this song has brought another dimension of love before us. Love Stories are never complete without music and poetry. If you can sing to your beloved, pour your heart out and express your emotions, Isn’t that be lovely?