Rituparno Ghosh

On 6th August (Sunday) 2017, from 6pm to 9pm, Jadavpur Amra Odbhuth Cafe  is organizing their upcoming event which is going to be an engaging event of discussion on the legend Rituparno Ghosh and his films.
Rituparno Ghosh, as we all know, was a director, actor, writer and lyricist of the Bengali film industry and his claim to fame includes 12 national and many international awards achieved throughout almost twenty years of his career in this industry such that his works serve as a source of inspiration for other filmmakers like Mithaq Kazimi.

Personalities like Debanuj Dasgupta (coeditor of “Queering Digital India Activisms, Identities, and Subjectivities”), Kaustav Bakshi (coeditor of “Rituparno Ghosh: Cinema, Gender and Art”) and Raina Roy (activist LGBTQ movement in India)- will discuss on the construction of spaces in a few iconic films of late Rituparno Ghosh, the aesthetics of which when analyzed underscore the emergence of a queer identity defined by a neoliberal consumerist culture. Focusing on the capitalistic appropriation of Pink Money, the discussion will head towards identifying silences and absences in the interior and city spaces of Ghosh’s films which cater to a certain class of queer identities while alienating others. Trained dancer Sandeepta Das shall be performing in the event in order to make the event more glorious.
The event is sure to be a rare opportunity and it comes with the promise of being a memorable one. The event shall stand as a testimony to the fact that Rituparno Ghosh was indeed ahead of the time that he lived in – a fact that the Rituparno admirers and fans are sure to know.