MISHTI KATHA – Mishti and Much More!

Mishti Katha inauguration ceremony Photos
Mishti Katha inauguration ceremony Photos

Mishti Katha is a very noble initiative by entrepreneurs Anilava Chatterjee, Aniruddha Guha Roy and Debashis Kundu. Our very own mishti is here but with a new taste and oodles of grooming. The new sweet shop chain is here in town with branches at Kasba, Kalikapur, Netaji Nagar, Golpark and B.B.D Bag.

As mentioned earlier the creators has given mishti an all new look –attractive and eye catching would be the perfect adjectives that would best suit the new makeover that our ‘mithai’ has gone through! The chain with the punch line ‘Ekhon Shokoler Mukhe Sudhu Mishti Katha’ – has come up with an array of delicacies to satiate the bong taste buds- from boat mishti, gondhoraj doi,  kamalakanta, to baked yoghurt, the Amrit Kalash, and roasted roshogolla (to name a few)- Bengali classical sweets has been presented here with a bit of twist! They also have chosen very common ice-cream flavors and incorporated them into sweets.

Sourav, Arijit and Anilava at Mishti Katha
Sourav Ganguly, Arijit Singh and Anilava Chatterjee at Mishti Katha

The inauguration ceremony of the sweets chain has also been a very unique and a memorable event. Among the invited guests were present many famed personalities from the film and the sports fraternity – the chief guests being former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly and eminent singer Arijit Singh. But what was one of its kinds was a documentary featuring both the celebrities. It traced back the early life of the stars, how they met at Eden Garden’s indoor gym and how hard work and destiny shaped their path towards ‘stardom’. The documentary primarily focused year 2006 which was a crucial year for our ‘Dada’ as he had to prove his mettle and talent all the way post a couple of failures,then. Arijit Singh who was a nobody at that time was struggling hard to get a foothold in the entertainment industry. The captain and the singer were honored with a ‘warrior prince’ statue and an idol of Goddess Saraswati, respectively. The gala event ended with Sourav’s and Arijit’s short speeches on their journey to the world of glitz and glamour, and both heaving praises and wishing zillions of success to ‘Mishti Katha’.

Loads of good luck and success from team TollyTrip to the new sweets shop which has blossomed in the city. Mishti Katha is really off to a great start.