Clad in Clay blends clay art with modern fashion!

ITC Sonar fashion event Clad in Clay
Rituparna Sengupta at ITC Sonar fashion event Clad in Clay

ITC Sonar recently hosted a unique fashion event. Titled Clad in Clay the exclusive event by the super talented Amalin Datta, son of ace fashion designer Sarbari Datta was indeed one of its kinds.

ITC Sonar fashion event Clad in Clay
Rituparna Sengupta, Mir & Amalin Datta in ITC Sonar fashion event Clad in Clay

Showcased from 2nd-3rd August the grand exhibit from the stable of Sarbari Studio took place at the Welcome Art Gallery of the esteemed hotel. The designer who is in the trade since the 80’s; drove his insight from his father-renowned muralist Alokemoy Datta. The art of design and sculpture runs in the family and Amalin merged both the genres that gave birth to a hypnotic combination. He presented his creations through fashion installation mode which allows viewers a more intimate view at the designer’s creations. Though the concept of displaying designer garments as an art installation has been pioneered by other international designers- the versatile couturier has been the first in the city to incorporate the same.

The pieces in the collection draw from a variety of influences that involves Oriental, Mayan, Sinhalese, Persian, African, Victorian, contemporary western etc. While designing, the designer also fetched references from his childhood fantasies of pirates and fairy tales. Having juggled the world of textiles and fashion on one hand and the genre of clay potteries and sculptures on the other, therefore one can vividly witness a culmination of both in the designer’s creative pursuits.

Attended by tolly queen Rituparna Sengupta, Mir Asif Ali among others the gala event was a big success.