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Winning the Oscar is every filmmaker’s dream. Getting recognized at the Academy Awards and earning fame globally impels many movie makers work relentlessly and untiringly throughout their life. Director  Partha Sarathi Manna’s movie Oskar -Once upon a time in Bengal chronicles the journey of one such aspiring filmmaker who dreams of winning it big at the worldwide recognized award functions.

The film, set in 1982, in a small village named Achinpur tells the story of an ambitious director who can go to any extent to enjoy success. The village presently is having the entire Zamindari race abolished and is now being ruled and conducted by the Panchayat system. The story introduces us to the highly respected Achinpore Rajbari which forms the main crux of the movie.

Movie Clip from the film Oskar
Comedy scenes from the film Oskar

The cast of this upcoming period drama includes Priyanshu Chatterjee, Aparajita Adhya, Saheb Bhattacharya, Kharaj Mukherjee, Debolina Biswas, Bhaskar Banerjee essaying the central characters. Shakuntala Barua plays grandmother to both Priyanshu and Saheb in the movie. While Priyanshu and Saheb are the main protagonists, it is Aparajita’s character which draws the principal attention. Looking menacing, the actress is seen warning and threatening her wrongdoers as shown in bits and pieces in the trailer. With her deafening laughter and fiery gaze she indeed looks intimidating each time she appears on the screen. Priyanshu and Saheb both look convincing while Kharaj is back in his comical avatar!

The movie presented by Shreyant Films has an interesting twist which gradually reveals how the Oscar awards get entwined into the lives of the key characters.

Oskar which has music by Loy-Deep is eyeing a July release.

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