The Unanswered Questions of ‘Bishorjon’ will be Answered in ‘Bijoya’ !!!


After Bishorjon, we all celebrate Bijoya. So, why not in bring the same trend to Bengali Cinema too. After giving us national award-winning movie Bishorjon. Koushik Ganguly is on his way to bring its sequel Bijoya to us. The film will track Nasir and Padma’s story further. Padma will come to Bengal and how she will cope here will be shown in the film. The trailer of the film has been launched and is loved by the audience. The trailer looks like a fast forward narration of the entire story, with the director hardly saving any suspense for the film.

Bijoy The Film Trailer ReviewThere are a few interesting dialogues of Ganesh Mondal and the background score gels well with the earthy sentiments of the film. Late Kalikaprasad Bhattacharya gave music to prequel and the same melodious tones will be used in the sequel too according to the director Koushik Ganguly. According to the director, Bisorjon and Bijoya are both parts of a longer story. While previously the plot was set in Bangladesh, in Bijoya the story progresses in India. We are quite eager to see how the characters Padma, Nasir Ali and Ganesh Mondal of Bisorjan are placed in Bijoya. The shooting is going on and the film is all set to release on 4th January 2019.