Watchmaker Added to the Textbook of Bangladesh Cinema !!!

Watchmaker Achievement
Watchmaker Achievement

With every passing day, Watchmaker directed by Anindya Pulak Banerjee is creating new records. This time the film has achieved another feat after being inducted into the study material of Film Journalism and Film Studies in Bangladesh. The film Watchmaker encapsulates a philosophical debate on the three ideological concepts of time that rolls back, time that is fixed, time that doesn’t exist which the three characters epitomize. The fourth character, the commentator is trying to pull in and bridge the missing links. A watch is a metaphor. Every single body has a different perception about time.

Actor Director Anindya Banerjee giving leasons
Actor Director Anindya Banerjee giving lesson to the audience

Though the film has not yet released in theaters but it made us proud by been selected at the Habitat Film Fest and going to the final round of Oniros Film Awards. Anindya Banerjee in ‘Watchmaker’ does not entertain. He provokes the audience to think. Together with his actors, he raises uncomfortable questions regarding the extremely intangible notion of time and leaves the answer open. ‘Watchmaker’ does not answer any question; it opens up many new ones and therein lies its success. The film is multi-layered, and a brave attempt in Indian cinema to represent the abstract. Anindya Pulak Banerjee and Sarkar E Motion must be congratulated heartily for such an innovative project. The lead character of the film is played by Anindya himself. Other than him, there are Joey DebroyRitabrata BhattacharyaRitabhari Chakraborty, Aishika Bandyopadhyay and many others.

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