A Unique But Charming Story ; SHONAR PAHAR


Actor-director Parambrata Chatterjee is ready with his fourth directorial, Shonar Pahar, which marks the comeback of veteran actress Tanuja Mukherjee to Bengali films after several years.  She plays Uma, a woman in her seventies, who lives alone in a rundown house in Kolkata. Recently the teaser of the film is released and has created quite a buzz among the cine-lovers! Actor Jisshu Sengupta plays Uma’s son Soumya in the film. The mother-son relationship is currently strained because of several reasons. Soumya’s childhood friend Rajdeep (Parambrata), along with a seven-year-old boy Bittu visits Uma, and the septuagenarian develops a special bond with the child. The narrative of the film explores the friendship between the two.

Arunima Ghosh plays Jisshu’s wife in the film. That aside, the cast includes Gargee Roy Choudhury, Srijata Banerjee (child actor) and others. Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee plays an important role in Param‘s Shonar Pahar. Parambrata recently told the media, Shonar Pahar is loosely based on his once-strained relationship with his mother, film critic and columnist Sunetra Ghatak. It was more important for him to direct the film, than play Soumya’s role since that would have been too personal, he added. Besides Kolkata, the film has been extensively shot in the hills of North Bengal and Sikkim.The Music & Background Score has been given by Neel Dutt. This Greentouch Entertainment‘s project is going to blaze the theatres later this year.