Prosenjit and Srijit teams up again to reignite the screen with Netaji

Gumnami Baba Srijit Mukherji Film
Gumnami Baba Srijit Mukherji Film

Subhas Chandra Bose or our very own Netaji has lighted up the big screen many a times in the recent past. Netaji the brave Indian nationalist has a mammoth role to play in igniting and invigorating the Indian youth in our battle against the British tyranny. The man with an iron determination and enigmatic spirit thus has always been a subject of great interest for filmmakers and movies like Bose: The Forgotten Hero is a testimony to the fact.

But T-town has never experimented with the iconic leader and to fill in the void Srijit Mukherji has locked up his next project on Netaji. Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films the film will focus mainly on Bose’s sudden disappearance and will try to unleash the mystery on ‘Gumnami Baba’ who is rumored to be Netaji himself.

On 18th August 1945, Netaji was last visible in the public eye. On this very day the revolutionary departed for Taiwan in an aircraft and since then he could never be traced! Did he deliberately choose the life of a recluse away from the social glares and prying eyes or was he a victim of a deadly conspiracy that erased him from the world, forever? Interestingly in between 1982- 1985 emerged Gumnami Baba who used to reside in U.P’s Faizabad. Willy nilly, his tale has become one of the three most conjectures about what really happened to the revered Netaji. Well, Srijit will try to fixate on this aspect of the leader’s life and to give him a befitting shoulder actor Prosenjit Chatterjee will be seen essaying the titular role.