Raj’s dream Finally Sees The Light Of The Day – JOJO’s Making Is In Full Swing!


Tong Ling’ by Lila Majumder was a dream project for Raj Chakraborty. The director who had forayed into Bengali cinema in the year 2008 with ‘Chirodini Tumi J Amar’ had always envisaged of making a children’s film and ‘Tong Ling’ by the much loved Lily Majumder had featured at the top of his list.

But destiny had other plans for him. Owing to certain copyright issues from the writer’s family’s end, Raj had to forcibly put his vision into a back burner. However the impediments could not dim his victorious spirit anAdventures Of Jojod the filmmaker’s eyes are presently set on the stories of tiger poaching!

Presently, the director is all geared up and has started shooting for his upcoming film ‘Adventures of Jojo’, an adventure flick. Joshojit Banerjee son of popular actor Joyjit Banerjee will play the titular role in the movie which narrates the thrilling journey of how a little boy gets entrapped into the magical world of the jungle and becomes pally with the animals. The story gradually dredges into ‘poaching’ and how Jojo emerges victorious after having a tete a tete with the poachers. The movie will also features Rudranil Ghosh and Padmanava Dasgupta in significant roles.

The shooting of the film has already commenced in Arunachal Pradesh and will be released nationwide this Christmas.