Priyanka levels Harassment Charges against Director


We have heard about harassment related cases in the film industry but not has been so well documented as the one with Priyanka Sarkar. This acclaimed actress from Tollywood has been harassed by a director of Bangladesh. The name of the director is Rafique Sikdar.

Priyanka signed a Bangladeshi movie titled Hridoy Jure for which she flew to the neighboring country in March this year. Due to unprofessional management the shooting could not be completed within schedule. Priyanka then came back to Kolkata. After that the director started harassing the actress by posting wrong allegations about her on social media. Also at one point proposed her marriage. Even after repeated warnings by the producer did not stopped and went on to threat her with legal actions.

After tolerating all these for more than a month Priyanka started reveling the chat scripts on social media page. Her bold counter action gave her lot of support from the film fraternity of both the countries and thus exposing the malicious intentions of another member from the same industry.