Jisshu’s Portrayal of CHAITANYA MAHAPRABHU on Celluloid!


Actor Jisshu Sengupta has a special place in his heart for spiritual leader and the great 14th century mystic Chaitanya MahaPrabhu and that is very much apparent. The famed actor had started his acting career with the portrayal of MahaPrabhu himself, on the small screen and that was hugely successful in etching a mark in the minds of the Bengali audience.

Time flies and Jisshu had since then not looked back. The actor has created quite a niche for himself in the Bengali film industry; having started his big screen venture with ‘Aponjon’.

Uma’ and ‘Ek j chilo raja’ are the latest screen outings of Jisshu and both the films are from the stable of eminent director Srijit Mukherj. We have earlier also witnessed how Jisshu-Srijit duo shares a strong camaraderie and wherewith casts a spell on the big screen.  ‘Jatishwar’ was one such offering which received stupendous success and admiration from the audience!

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

While the above two films are setting forth for their release, Srijit’s hunt for the protagonist of his next film ‘Gouranga Itikotha’(with which he was toying for a long time) has ended. Yes, yes. Your guesses are right. The titular role will be played by none other than Jisshu Sengupta. As the filmmaker aptly says “We were in the lookout for somebody who could have done justice to the character of Chaitanya MahaPrabhu and our quest ended with Jisshu; as there could not be anybody more appropriate than him.” Srijit’s observation is very much justified with the experience and perfection that Jisshu had already mastered with the said character. Though critics are opining that Srijit is just partial towards Jisshu whom he had already casted in nine of his earlier films!

The film will be produced by Rana Sarkar with whom Srijit has worked twice in the near past. However, the film will not only be one of its kind because of its subject matter but with this particular flick Srijit is breaking a self-imposed norm of his – the story and the script has been penned by Sibashish Bandopadhyay and not by the director who has never worked earlier on stories penned by others.

Like all other Srijit Mukherji films, hope this one too creates a magic in the box office.

Here is wishing Srijit and the entire cast and crew of ‘Gouranga Itikotha’ a thumbs up from team Tollytrip.