FIDAA: Amazing Love Story With An Emotional Twist

Sanjana & Yash in Fidaa

The shooting of the upcoming movie of young director Pathikrit Basu is going on full flow. Fidaa is a very realistic love story about the youth in today’s times and how they perceive love. Yash Dasgupta plays the character of Ishaan Chatterjee, who is a college going student. He has anger management issues and is impulsive by nature. He meets Khushi and how his life changes after that is what the film is all about. Muscat-born model Sanjana Banerjee is excited to step into the shoes of Khushi in her debut Bengali film, Fidaa, opposite Yash. Her character is happy, intelligent, and practical!

Yash & Sanjana in Fidaa
Yash & Sanjana in Fidaa

Sanjana who has moved nine months back in Kolkata with her family is working hard on getting her Bengali correct. She speaks English a lot as Bengali is not her forte. However, her accent worked for the film as her character is shown to be one born and brought up in London.  All the actors are working very hard to make this movie as realistic as possible. The college love which we all cherished in a phase of our lives will be very evident in this SVF baneer movie, Fidaa!