We Can Do Anything For People We Love: E TUMI KEMON TUMI


Two people loved each other and started living life together with a dream of happiness and prosperity. But the dream got broken very quickly with the attack of cancer. To save her love, she sold her own body and with it, she sold her soul also! This is the story of a different type of love story named E Tumi Kemon Tumi. Recently the trailer of the movie has launched and got appreciation among the movie fans of Bengal. Withing the 24 hours of time span this video enters the most trending video on youtube! The film is directed by Nehal Dutta and story by Ashim Murshed and featuring Priyanka Sarkar and Sheikh Rezwan Rabbani in leading roles.

Other than Priyanka and Rezwan, there are some very talented actors in the movie too like Partha, Laboni Sarkar, Kaushik Banerjee, Sumit Ganguly, Prasun Gayen, Akash, and many others. The music is by Tamal while Srabani Sen, Rupankar Bagchi and Srikanta Acharya have sung for the film. Khusheeee Films are producing the film. This is the first time that Rezwan (better known as Sunny), who is a very well known face on television for his roles in Chokher Bali, Aanchol and others will be seen in the lead role of a Bengali film!