Dev Chaamp

Dev’s dedication into acting is evident from the fact that he gained body weight to the maximum and then worked hard to transform himself into a professional boxer like physic. He did all these to show the transformation of his character in ‘Chaamp’.

To show different phases of Shibaji’s life, Dev had to work on his body looks. To show the transformation Dev had to appear as an over weight person in one phase and then trim down into almost zero fat level. He was guided through out the process by his fitness trainer Arnold Fudge and Boxing trainer Sujay Guha.

Dev increased his weight to around 100 kgs and his fat levels were at 30 at that time. Then he started reducing and achieved the Greek God like figure when his fat levels were reduced to single digit. Enjoy this behind the scene sequence where Dev’s transformation and body building regime has been captured in details.

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