Dev is confident about making international standard movies!


The cast and crew of Dev’s upcoming movie cockpit descended upon a posh south Kolkata Mall for shooting.  Dev plays a pilot in the movie which is a supposed to be a thrilling drama. His wife’s part will be played by Koel Mallick while Rukmini Maitra plays a crew member on the flight. Dev, Rukmini and director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee spoke with reporters during the shooting.

Kameshwar mukherjee says this is a story of an aviation crisis. The actors had to learn many new things in regards to aviation for this movie. The movie has been shot in Mumbai and Kolkata. Airport and airbus features greatly in this movie.

Dev told reporters that Cockpit is based on a true story and is excited about the shooting process. He told that Tollywood is completely ready for making films like in Hollywood and movies like Baahubali. He also unveils his plans of making another movie on the freedom movement. But that will require a lot of homework before finalizing anything. Currently he is busy with his preparations as a pilot.

About casting Rukmini, Dev said initially he did not had the model turned actress in mind but when the character of an air hostess developed in front of his eyes he could not think of anyone else because of the glamour of Rukmini.

Rukmini said her character in Cockpit is Kirti which is completely different from her role as Jaya in Chaamp. Jaya is sweet and cute girl where Kirti will be glamorous, fashion conscious and head strong character who will be taking care of all. She also reveled that out of modeling and acting she loves the previous. She also adds that she is developing a crush on acting as well. Speaking about her role in Cockpit she says air hostesses are like mothers in a plane. They take care of all the passengers and their needs.

Rukmini also told that she is very much excited about working with Koyel in this movie. She told Koyel is the first person from the film industry she met after deciding to join T town. Koyel has inspired her a lot throughout.

Overall the cast and crew are busy completing the shooting of this movie and Cockpit is slated for a Durga Puja release.