The Atmosphere in “Chowdhury Rajbari” Will Send Chills in Your Spine…!


Recently the trailer launch has been completed of one of the most awaited romantic-thriller of the year Chowdhury Rajbari. The plot of the film looks thrilling with all the artists doing their job perfectly. Special mention to the newcomer Giaa who is giving such a marvellous acting performance in the movie that you will never think her as a newcomer.

It’s a realistic story based movie. As per the story, Giaa and Arnab are a married couple. They visit Arnab’s ancestral Raj Palace Chowdhury Rajbari for a romantic vacation. But soon Giaa encounters weird and mysterious incidents. Ratul and Rajdeep come for investigation of the heritage property. Some past life memories start haunting Giaa. She also experiences some ghostly presence. The spooky atmosphere makes her scared. However, she is smitten by the idea of knowing the truth. Giaa shares everything with Oindrila, who is a doctor in the village. Giaa & Oindrila embark upon a journey to solve Giaa’s curiosity. But instead of finding an answer Giaa comes across more questions. As per trailer the movie content Seems to be fantastic.

The movie has six tracks. All the six songs of the film are fabulous and had great significance in the story of the film as they are deeply associated with the progress of the movie. Recently the grand music launch of the film is done where débutante actress Giaa with her co-star Mainak Banerjee along with director Sanjoy Bardhan, co-actors Sudip Mukherjee, Payel Mukherjee, and Ratul Mukherjee all were present. The new year 2018 Calendar has also been launched on the theme of the movie ’Chowdhury Rajbari’. The music director of the movie is Joy-Anjan and the singers who sang the lovely songs are Shomchanda, Asit, Buddha, Roshni, Joy Chakraborty, Rina and the amazing bollywood singer Palak Muchhal. This family drama is slated to release on 8th December at your nearest cinema halls. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release after watching such a lovely trailer.

Enjoy the Trailer Here