Shakib–Subhashree’s ‘Chalbaaz’ is in uncertainty! we think ‘show must go on’!


Federation of Cine Technicians and Workers of Eastern India have stalled the shooting of Eskay Movies upcoming project ‘Chalbaaz’ in UK, as 19 technicians were not taken abroad for shooting. The Shakib – Subhashree starrer is now facing a uncertain future due to this hurdle. Subhashree have put up a video on Twitter and regretted about the fiasco. She has urged the technicians to continue their work.

According to the producer, the technicians even refused to have breakfast that was served to them at the location. Last-minute alternative arrangements for breakfast had to be made by the catering unit in the parking area of the hotel.

Industry stalwarts like Jeet, Dev, Ankush, Koushani, Raj Chakraborty and others from the industry have expressed their anguish over the incident and expressed fears that producers will not invest if this sort of agitation happens in the industry. Director of Chalbaaz, Joydeep Mukherjee is puzzled over the situation and he is extremely sad fir the situation. Even our Honorable Chief Minister had said in the past that stopping work is no solution and we must try to find solution to problems through conversation and keep on working.

Tollytrip would also like to appeal to the technician brothers to keep on doing the job as the solution could only be found through conversation and after all ‘the show must go on’….