Birsa Dasgupta ropes in his daughters for his upcoming project!


Birsa’a interest in horror was epitomized in 2014 released ‘Golp Holeo Shotti’. After doing romantic action films like ‘Gangster’ and ‘One’, Birsa has announced his next will be a horror movie. The title of the film is ‘Sob Bhuture’.

The lead role is played by Abir Chatterjee and name of the character is Aniket. Aniket does not believe in ghosts but his father is obsessed with the subject. Aniket’s father always runs after ghost stories and then puts them down in his own magazine. One day Aniket becomes interested in a intriguing matter and meets a psychotic character named Nandini who can see ghosts.

Birsa Dasgupta

Birsa Dasgupta has involved his daughter Ida Dasgupta in the project. She will be playing a six year old girl’s character in the movie. Birsa’s elder daughter Meghla Dasgupta will be assisting him in this film. The story is prepared by Kollol Lahiri and is rumored to be a very exciting one. shooting already started From 11th June. For more updates keep in touch with our face book page.