Artists have lot of social responsibilities and they can change the perceptions of the society through their unique skills. Anweshaa has awakened to a very important issue which may prove to be very fatal in the future if not controlled today. The purpose of her new solo song is to make people aware of the global warming which if unchecked may wipe out the future of humanity on planet Earth.

Her awakening may be credited to musician Ananjan Chakraborty who came up with this unique and noble idea. Ananjan is the son of illustrious musician Ajay Chakraborty. He thinks the world is not a happy place any more and tries to bring back the joy through his songs. This particular song is in Hindi as the artists want to reach out with their message to the maximum audiences in the country. Anweshaa was pretty impressed with Ananjan’s composition and was glad to be part of this venture.

She thinks a artist’s versatility cannot be judged in one song but a solo album has its advantage as it can be reached to millions through social sites and Youtube. So just wait for few more days to get a feel of this unique concept.