ABYAKTO rubs Shoulders With The Intricacies Of Human Emotions!


After his stint with short films, debutante director Arjun Dutta forays into the world of cinema with ‘Abyakto’. The shooting of the social drama is going on in full swing in Belgachia Rajbari in North Kolkata. Abyakto which paints the nuances of in-depth human relationships boasts of an ensemble cast; Arpita Chatterjee, Adil Hussain, Anirban Ghosh, newbie Anubhav Kanjilal and child artist Soumantak Maitra.

The filmmaker here has tried to tell a poignant tale of a mother son duo and how a mother, a father and their close family friend gets entangled and their life’s trajectory gets intertwined with the turmoil’s and tribulations of a boy’s life. Arpita, Anirban, Adil and Anubhav play the characters of Sathi, Kaushik, Rudra and Indra respectively in the film. Incidentally, Arjun is the first director who is bringing in the Adil-Arpita duo in the silver screen for the first time.

The thought provoking movie encapsulates emotions and bondings which are delicate yet intrinsic but are beyond verbalization and hence aptly titled ‘Abyakto’. The story has a wacky twist at the end and has Arpita essaying roles of a young as well as an elderly lady in the time lapse that the narration gradually progresses to.

The film has plans of traveling worldwide to various festivals and hence the official release date is still uncertain.

Here’s wishing the movie and the entire star cast a big luck at both the festivals and box office.