Prosenjit Chatterjee

He is the King of T-town whose every move becomes a milestone. Prosenjit Chatterjee is always at his best no matter what he sports. He has changes his looks on many occasions, sometimes with sporting beard and other times his clean shaved boy next door image. In the initial years he sported long hair and now he switches from back brush to spikes. Whatever he does this Tollywood king looks dapper all the times. Be it Western or Indian dresses he can carry anything with ease. One trade mark style of Bumba da is that he likes to wear his watch on the right hand.


This Tolly hunk is the dream man of every girl and sports a killer smile to die for. Dev loves to experiment and gives importance to the character while choosing his looks. We have seen him change with the varied characters that he has played till now, for example in ‘Chander Pahar’ he was simple village boy while in ‘Zulfiqar’ he transformed into a gangster. Best example of him changing his looks in one film will definitely be in ‘Chaamp’. He transformed from an over weight condition to a lean muscular boxer physic within months through rigorous hard work.


Jeet is the glamour boy of Tollywood. He started off in his first movie ‘Saathi’ as a simple boy but the x-factor was evident. Jeet has done mostly romantic and action oriented movies in which he sported a modern look. His hair style has remained more or less similar but he loves to change the color of his hair frequently. Jeet can carry any dress comfortably and is ideal for a ramp walk.


The latest handsome on the block and Ankush Hazra is the one who has shown immense transformation in a short span of time. His change has not only been in his dressing style but also in his body language. Mostly Ankush is comfortable in jeans and T-shirts. He likes to gel his hair and sport a back brush. Since childhood time this actor has a lot of weakness in dance. He likes to drive car and recently he brought Mercedes-Benz sedan car. He loves to wear various style of sunglasses


                                                                                     Yash Dasgupta

Yash has stormed the T-town with his most romantic look and swept many a girl off their feet. In ‘Gangster’ and ‘One’ he tried to transform himself into a macho look in which he succeeded completely. Yash looks elegant and dapper in suits. His toned physic can carry any dress with utmost ease and he can look handsome in any hair style he chooses. Like Prosenjit he likes to wear his watch on the right hand as well.


          Bonny Sengupta

Bonny likes to keep it simple, next door boy look. He sported a de glam look in ‘Borbaad’ and ‘Parbo Na Ami Charte Toke’. He changed his looks in ‘Tomake Chai’ with a different hair style and wardrobe. Bonny likes to be simple in his real life as well. he usually wear sports jeans, printed T-shirts or full sleeve shirts with cap and loafers.  Bonny is always comfortable in happy go lucky way. Bonny looks macho with his facial beard.

Source : Gulgal