Soham And Srabanti Back Again In Yet Another Tragic Love Story: PIYA RE!


After ‘Amanush’ and ‘Phande Poria Boga Kande Re’, the hit pair of Soham Chakraborty and Srabanti Chatterjee will be seen acting in the upcoming Bengali film Piya Re. Directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee, the film is the tale of a middle-class boy Robi and a slum girl Riya. But Aditya, a young fellow from a rich family falls in love with Riya. Because of the poor condition of the family, Riya turns more toward Aditya than Rabi because she prioritizes money over love especially when Aditya gave Rs 3 lakh to Riya for the treatment of her mother. So Riya sets up her mind to remain with Aditya. But at last, they fall in love and what happens next is what the film all about!

The poster of the film is recently released. Abhimanyu, who has assisted Raj Chakraborty in many films. Now he is using that experience in the making of this film.The shooting of the film has been done in different parts of Kolkata and North Bengal. The shooting of the slum has been done in real locations. The music of the film is done by Jeet Gannguli. There are five songs in the film. Other than Soham & Srabanti, we will see Supriyo Dutta, Somraj Maity, Kanchan Mullick and many others playing different roles in the film. Surinder Films produce Piya Re is expected to release soon.