Madness for Cockpit heightens as the countdown begins!!


After the super success of ‘Chaamp’, Dev’s next venture as producer-actor is Cockpit. The movie has been promoted from the day of its inception and the results are showing even before its release.

This Durga Puja there will a host of major movies lining up at box office and Cockpit is definitely the most anticipated of them all. The real life drama has been directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee who has also directed Dev in Chander Pahar and Amazon Obhijaan.

Dev Fan Club has garlanded a poster of Dev in Cockpit and posted the snapshot for their superhero. This gesture defiantly shows the high expectation from Dev in Cockpit. Dev has proven his versatility time and again and this time too we expect to get something surprising from him. Produced by Dev Entertainment Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Cockpit has two beautiful leading ladies are Koel and Rukmini Maitra. Whereas Koel will be back with Dev after a longtime, this would be Rukmini’s second straight film with the superstar and their pairing has been loved by all.