The reason behind Koel’s decision to comeback in a Kaushik Ganguly movie!


Koel came back with a bang in Kaushik Ganguly’s Chhaya O Chhobi. After marriage Koel had taken a sabbatical from movies. Some reports had indicated that she won’t be back in front of the camera any more and her main job role will be assisting her producer husband in the making of the movies. Some even reported that Koel is not getting film offers after marriage. So what is the real reason for her making a comeback in a Kaushik Ganguly movie.

As per our reports Koel was waiting for the good script to make her next move in T Town. After marriage she has become selective with the stories and has decided on doing movies with substance. She found the script of Chhaya O Chhobi apt to make her comeback and there was not second thought about it. Kudos to Kaushik Ganguly for presenting great movies consistently and that may have also made an impact on Koel’s decision to work with one of the best directors in the industry. A special screening of Chhaya O Chhobi was held recently and we present some of the snapshots from the event.

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