After the ‘Chaamp’ and ‘Cockpit’, Dev has stepped into the shoes of a producer perfectly well. Speculations are ripe over his next project titled Kabir where Dev will also take up the responsibilities of an assistant director.

In Kabir, Dev will be the actor, producer and also assistant director. The main responsibilities of direction will be on Aniket Chattopadhyay’s shoulders though. Dev Entertainment Ventures Pvt. Ltd. produced Kabir is expected to be released on 15th August, 2018. The content of the story is under lot of speculation as nothing much has been shared yet by the production house. Now rumor mills are also working overtime about who will be the actress opposite Dev this time. In his last two productions, Dev has worked with Rukmini Maitra but this time a new face may be seen opposite the Tolly superstar.

In his recent reply to questions on the actress in Kabir, Dev has replied “Talking to Alia Bhatt…let’s c”. This has given birth to new speculations about a Bollywood actress may be cast in Kabir. Though Dev has been in lighter mood while giving his reply and the production house has not disclosed any intentions officially but we keep our fingers crossed about a future surprise in store.

Source : Gulgal