Katrina Kaif

The uniqueness of bollywood Director Anurag Basu is to create beautiful frames through simple actions. He loves to use natural elements as prop and make his actors to do activities with them which make the scene special. Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif starrer Anurag’s upcoming musical adventure romantic comedy movie ‘Jagga Jasoos’ is finally on the verge of releasing as the trailer got to see the day light after long delay. This movie has seen delays due to lot of challenges particularly when the relationship of Ranbir and Katrina took downhill.

The trailer does not have a single dialogue till the end when Ranbir try kissing Katrina in her sleep. However, on being caught before the act, he decides to borrow some of her lip gloss saying, ‘Phat gaye thhe hont’. The trailer gives out the basic story line which seems like Ranbir’s on screen father played by Saswata Chatterjee leaves him when he was a child, and an adult Ranbir goes on a mission to find his missing father. He is joined by Katrina in his endeavor but not clear why she chooses to join him.

Much of the movie is shot in Cape Town, South Africa and its grasslands filled with animals have been captured well in the movie. This family drama is true to the Disney style who are also its producers and you may expect lot of actions and fun with animals in Jagga Jasoos. Animal stunts such as Ranbir and Katrina riding ostriches is a first in Bollywood. It would be great to see Saswata Chatterjee as known as ‘Bob Biswas’ is back in a Bollywood movie after the super success of ‘Kahani’ in 2012. He is sure to charm the national audience with his versatility.

Enjoy the trailer of ‘Jagga Jasoos’ and anticipate the things to come when the movie release on big screens. Release date is 14th July.